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  • NSP Coco Mat Stand Up Paddle Board 9'8 Package
  • NSP Coco Mat Stand Up Paddle Board 9'8 Package
  • NSP Coco Mat Stand Up Paddle Board 9'8 Package

NSP Coco Mat Stand Up Paddle Board 9'8 Package

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Regular Price: $1,844.00

Special Price: $1,395.00


Regular Price: $1,844.00

Special Price: $1,395.00



The NSP Coco Mat SUP board range has been designed to make paddling fun & easy regardless of your age or skill level.

The NSP 9’8” Coco Mat SUP is designed as a compact all rounder that will satisfy the flat waterway enthusiast through to the most capable of wave riders. The most notable feature of this board is the high amount of volume that’s been distributed into such a short, compact design. At 167 liters and 32" wide it will accommodate a wide range of paddlers and skill levels. The outline is very well balanced, the wide point has been shifted forward, and the rounded nose and tail are connected seamlessly by smooth flowing rail line curves. It’s this outline, along with the single-to-double concave into vee bottom contours that deliver stability in turbulent water and outstanding performance on the waves. The deck is relatively flat which leads into medium-to-boxy rails. This is designed to strike a balance between stability for younger, less experienced riders, and sensitivity and response for anyone wanting to attack steep sections on bigger waves. The reliable 2 + 1 fin configuration offers consistency across all mediums, and the revolutionary Coco Mat construction delivers unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio and an impressive aesthetic. The 9’8” NSP Coco Mat SUP is a truly versatile board ideally suited to the one board family, and paddlers who like to trade flat water for surf on a daily basis.

The glide and stability that make the NSP Cocomat SUP's good for working out and exploring your local lake, bay or coastline, also give it effortless wave catching ability. This paddleboard is sure to put a big smile on your face whether you are catching your first wave or cruising around with your friends.

NSP COCO Mat Construction

NSP Coco Mat technology is the world’s first and only Patent Pending paddle board construction built using all natural coconut husk fibers.

By integrating the random discontinuous Coconut fibers to the lamination and through our exclusive construction method, we deliver one of the most amazing surfboards you will ever ride. The most impressive characteristic of the coconut husk fiber is its incredible strength to weight ratio. After hundreds of surfing hours and further verified in laboratory tests, we have proven that Coco Mat is the lightest and strongest surfboard on the market today.

The natural fibers of the coconut are readily available, need minimal processing and come from local self sustaining crops near our manufacturing facility. The Coco Mat boards have a responsive, fluid ride with great flex characteristics and look organically beautiful with the visible, randomly oriented natural fibers.

NSP is proud to bring you our new Coco Mat boards which are the lightest, strongest and most natural looking surfboards and SUP’s on the market today.

NSP Cocomat Paddle Boards


The NSP Coco Mat Paddle Board comes complete with comfortable "tip-to-tail" EVA deck pad, integrated carry handle, 2+1 fin set with 9" Flex-Foil center fin and FCS side fin system, Smart Screw fin key and NSP Pro board leash making it an exceptional overall value.


9'2" 29 1/2" 4 1/8" 126 ltr
9" Center FCS M3 Sides 165 lb or less
9'8" 32" 4 5/8"
167 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides 165 lb or les
10'0" 29" 4" 143 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides ideal for all weights
10'2 32" 4 7/8" 205 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides ideal for all weights
11'0" 31" 4 1/4"
190 ltr
9" Center FCS M3 Sides ideal for all weights


The VESL Fixed Carbon SUP Paddle or the VESL Adjustable Carbon Paddle is a medium 8" carbon paddle size provides the perfect blend between high frequency stroke rates and power strokes. Being all carbon construction it gives this paddle superior strength and durability allowing you to paddle faster with greater ease! VESL not only stands on their SUP Paddles... they stand behind them with a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guaranty.

Great SUP Paddle For:

  • Cruising
  • Touring
  • Racing
  • Surfing

Featuring a lightweight biaxial carbon layup and ABS rail edge which provides the right amount of flex for the lightest weight and strength. The medium 8" carbon paddle size provides the perfect blend between high frequency stroke rates and power strokes which are are gentle on the joints and allow for a faster cadence.

carbon paddle board shaft

The shaft features light-weight carbon construction with a round cross-section. The shaft has the stiffness and rebound preferred by most riders for all round paddling and waves.

vesl carbon sup paddle palm grip handle


  • Surface Area: 90 sq in
  • Length: 15 3/4"
  • Width: 8"
  • Weight: 20 oz.
  • Blade Angle: 10°
  • Carbon Round Shaft
  • Molded Carbon Handle Palm Grip
  • Dihedral Contour
  • Curved Tip
  • ABS Rail

durable carbon sup paddles
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