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  • NSP 10'2 Coco Mat Stand Up Paddle Board

NSP 10'2 Coco Mat Stand Up Paddle Board


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The NSP Coco Mat SUP board range has been designed to make paddling fun & easy regardless of your age or skill level.

The NSP Coco Mat 10'2" is an incredibly stable all-rounder making it the board of choice for SUP school operators, yoga enthusiasts, and surfers who like to walk the board. The relaxed rocker combined with a full outline and a single-to-double concave strike a balance between glide on flat water and mobility on the waves. If you’re looking for one versatile board, the 10'2" is the obvious choice. Approximate Board Weight: 11.6kg

The glide and stability that make the NSP Cocomat SUP's good for working out and exploring your local lake, bay or coastline, also give it effortless wave catching ability. This paddleboard is sure to put a big smile on your face whether you are catching your first wave or cruising around with your friends.

nsp paddle board construction cocomat

NSP Coco Mat technology is the world’s first and only Patent Pending paddle board construction built using all natural coconut husk fibers.

By integrating the random discontinuous Coconut fibers to the lamination and through our exclusive construction method, we deliver one of the most amazing surfboards you will ever ride. The most impressive characteristic of the coconut husk fiber is its incredible strength to weight ratio. After hundreds of surfing hours and further verified in laboratory tests, we have proven that Coco Mat is the lightest and strongest surfboard on the market today.

The natural fibers of the coconut are readily available, need minimal processing and come from local self sustaining crops near our manufacturing facility. The Coco Mat boards have a responsive, fluid ride with great flex characteristics and look organically beautiful with the visible, randomly oriented natural fibers.

NSP is proud to bring you our new Coco Mat boards which are the lightest, strongest and most natural looking surfboards and SUP’s on the market today.


The NSP Coco Mat Paddle Board comes complete with comfortable "tip-to-tail" EVA deck pad, integrated carry handle, 2+1 fin set with 9" Flex-Foil center fin and FCS side fin system, Smart Screw fin key and NSP Pro board leash making it an exceptional overall value.


9'2" 29 1/2" 4 1/8" 126 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides 165 lb or less
9'8" 32" 4 5/8" 167 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides 165 lb or les
10'0" 29" 4" 143 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides ideal for all weights
10'2 32" 4 7/8" 205 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides ideal for all weights
11'0" 31" 4 1/4" 190 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides ideal for all weights




"The Paddle Is Everything"

• 100% Carbon CNC shaped high density PVC core blade! 100% Carbon shaft! This is the only way to achieve lowest weight, quickest response and ultimate performance.

• The dihedral foiled blades feature a generous ABS edge for the protection of your board and the blade.

• The handles are made of 100% Carbon and is covered with a comfortable EVA grip. All Fixed paddles are custom cut to length.




Blade: 100% Carbon with ABS edge

Shaft:  Adj 60% Carbon | Pro Fixed 100% Carbon with matt finish

Blade Area (Size):

  • 85 sq/in (17.7″ x 7.4″, Weight : Adj 24 oz, Pro Fixed 17 oz) - Molded Carbon EVA Handle Palm Grip | Paddler 100-150lbs
  • 92 sq/in (17″ x 8.3″, Weight: Adj 24 oz, Pro Fixed 17 oz) - Molded Carbon EVA Handle Palm Grip | Paddler 150-200lbs
  • 98 sq/in (17.3″ x 8.7″, Weight: Adj 24 oz, Pro Fixed 17 oz) - Molded Carbon EVA Handle Palm Grip | Paddler 200-250lbs

 Adjustable Shaft Height: 5'0 -6'3

The angle of the paddle blade through the water and the blade’s size dictate the power and efficiency of your stroke. Our blades are angled and foiled to minimize drag and maximize power transfer throughout the stroke. A well-balanced paddle. 

The shaft features light-weight 100% carbon construction with a round cross-section. The shaft has the stiffness and rebound preferred by most riders for all round paddling and waves. 


When you purchase an VESL SUP PADDLE, you are investing in a high quality product that will provide you with years of enjoyment on the water. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and we back all our boards, paddles and SUP accessories with a full 1yr manufacturer's warranty & 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guaranty. If you decided to send the paddle back you are responsible for shipping.


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1 Review(s) for "NSP 10'2 Coco Mat Stand Up Paddle Board"
Very Happy With The 10'2 - Stable and Light
My wife and I are very happy with the NSP COCO MAT paddle board. We purchased the 10'2 because we were looking for something short but still very stable and light. We called paddle surf warehouse and they assured us that this would be a perfect fit for us and they were right.
John Upwell
Dec 11, 2014

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