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  • VESL Touring Eco Bamboo Series Two Board Package
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VESL Bamboo Eco Touring Series Two Board Package

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MSRP $2,598.00

SALE $1,798.00


MSRP $2,598.00

SALE $1,798.00



Built for paddling on flat water, short or long distance, the VESL Touring displacement hull splits the water like a razor but the generous width reduces wobble. This translates to going fast without worrying about falling over. You can also take long day trips or overnight trips thanks to the board’s thickness and deck leash plugs.  It is equipped with 4 nose leash plugs to tie down all your gear. This shape optimizes flat water glide and tracking. 

With the VESL bamboo series we have created a board that is lighter, stronger, and better for the environment. The Vesl Bamboo Eco Series paddle boards are made up of real bamboo wood veneers utilizing one of the most renewable resources on earth that will provide you with years of reliable performance and fun. 

 Why choose a VESL TOURING displacement hull paddle board? Displacement hulls are more commonly used on boats, kayaks and canoes because they are more efficient at cutting through the water, better at staying on course and they glide with less effort. This board features displacement hulls designed to efficiently part the water as you paddle. These types of paddle boards excel at longer distance touring, racing, recreational and fitness paddling anywhere outside the surf zone including cruising coastlines, bays, lakes and rivers.




vesl eco bamboo paddleboard construction 2016

COMPRESSION MOLDED TECHNOLOGY: All of the VESL 2016 boards feature the most advanced compression molding technology. The superiority of molded boards is better strength and durability with lighter weight. The average board weight has been reduced by 2 to 3.5 lbs. Based on the different sizes the board strenght has been enhanced by 25-30%. The rails, nose and tail are reinforced with kevlar. A unidirectional carbon fiber standing patch has also been added.






best touring sup paddle board

Great Paddling SUP Board For:

  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Ocean
  • Cruising
  • Touring

The 12'0 bamboo touring board contains all the features of a race board while adding a more stable and user friendly displacement sup board.


  • Length: 12'0"
  • Middle: 30"
  • Weight: 27 lbs.
  • Thickness: 6"
  • 9" Center Fin
  • 270.2 Liters
  • Rider Weight Capacity: Regular Paddlers Up to 260 lbs.


"The Paddle Is Everything"

100% Carbon CNC shaped high density PVC core blade! 100% Carbon shaft ! This is the only way to achieve lowest weight, quickest response and ultimate performance.

• The dihedral foiled blades feature a generous ABS edge for the protection of your board and the blade.

• The handles are made of 100% Carbon, the Cut-To-Length handle is covered with a comfortable EVA.


Blade: 100% Carbon with ABS edge

Shaft: 100% Carbon with matt finish

Blade Area (Size):

  • 85 sq. (17.7″ x 7.4″, Weight : Adj 20.4 oz, Pro Fixed 17.1 oz) - Molded Carbon EVA Handle Palm Grip
  • 92 sq. (17″ x 8.3″, Weight: Adj 20.4 oz, Pro Fixed 17.3 oz) - Molded Carbon EVA Handle Palm Grip
  • 98 sq. (17.3″ x 8.7″, Weight: Adj 20.4 oz, Pro Fixed 17.3 oz) - Molded Carbon EVA Handle Palm Grip


Adjustable Shaft Height (inches): n/a

The angle of the paddle blade through the water and the blade’s size dictate the power and efficiency of your stroke. Our blades are angled and foiled to minimize drag and maximize power transfer throughout the stroke. A well-balanced paddle. 

The shaft features light-weight 100% carbon construction with a round cross-section. The shaft has the stiffness and rebound preferred by most riders for all round paddling and waves.


VESL Paddle Board Company - Born and bred in the sea, VESL prides itself on quality, durability and performance. We spend our time on the water, surfing and paddling in all types of conditions. VESL sup's are built with strength, utilizing clean, simple lines and modern aesthetics. Influenced by an outdoor lifestyle with an appreciation for adventure, VESL will take your sup experience to the next level. We are passionate about Stand Up Paddleboarding and providing our friends with superior quality Stand Up Paddleboards, SUP Paddles and Paddleboard Accessories at the absolute best value. Join us on our journey and we will meet you there...
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