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  • Larry Allison Pro Box Fin Set - Fibre Glass Fin Co

Larry Allison Pro Box Twin Ventral Fin Kit - Fibre Glas Fin Co - Assorted Colors

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Larry Allison Pro Box Twin Ventral Fin Kit - Fibre Glas Fin Co


Sprint Faster / Glide Longer / Increased Tracking / Add Stability




Key Advantages:


  • - Shallower fins means less drag and quicker get up and go.
  • - Smaller Multi fins adds same surface area as 1 traditional single fin but with less drag.
  • - Twins force water to the center of the board adding lift and enhancing forward tracking.
  • - Twins projecting from the rail adds stability from side to side.
  • - Front ventral adds unbelievable tracking and stability in side chop, swell, and cross wind.





Larry Allison Pro Box Twin Ventral Fin Kit - Fibre Glas Fin Co


Get that (4) fin setup rockin with the Larry Allison Pro Box fin set. Unlimited possibilites for your Pro Box board. Make your board more stable or make it looser, your call. Comes complete with: 

- Race Twins
- 6" Stinger
- Ventral
- inserts


Fin Name Depth Area Base Rake
Pro Box Fin Set n/a n/a n/a n/a
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