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  • Futures The Runner John Becker SUP Fin
  • Futures The Runner John Becker SUP Fin

Futures The Runner SUP Fin

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Futures SUP The Runner : John Becker Fin

The Futures " The Runner " by John Becker will help increase paddles per side, which translates to more controlled tracking and faster travel. The JB Runner has an area of 58.9" to give you optimum forward driver during the power phase of the stroke.

The large area will also increase side to side stability, along with a laid back leading edge to keep this fin weed free for oceans, lakes and rivers.


Height: 8.25" Base: 7.02" Area: 58.93"


Carbon: Carbon fiber has one of the best strength to weight ratios of any material. The energy you load up on a carbon fiber fin comes back in a burst of energy because of its resiliency.

JB Runner SUP Fin

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