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Welcome to our blog! Whether you are new to Paddle boarding or a seasoned SUP’er you are in good company!

Welcome to our blog! Whether you are new to Paddle boarding or a seasoned SUP’er you are in good company!  Stand Up Paddle Boarding is not just a sport it’s a lifestyle! Here, we would like to explore the many aspects that encompass living a healthy and more meaningful life in relation to SUP.  Our goal is to share in our common interests so please feel free join in the discussions and drop us a line on any subjects you are interested in!
VESL is a Stand Up Paddle Board and accessories line that is based in the middle of the SoCal surf mecca along the Orange County coast. It’s safe to say we’ve seen our fair share of water sports around these salty parts. Growing up on the coast we developed a love for the open water. If it’s a love we share then you know the peace and tranquility it offers. Once it takes hold it never lets go.
Our company’s conception began many years ago when the waves were, yet again flat, and our spirits dampened, and we sought out to find an alternative water sport that could keep us equally active, engaged and balanced like surfing.  Stand Up Paddle Boarding hand’t quite caught on in our area. There weren’t any local shops carrying Stand Up Paddle Boards or SUP accesories and we really had to dig to find out more. Once we got set up and started paddle boarding the excitement grew and the love affair began. We were stoked that we found a water sport that wasn’t restricted to any variables! We couldn’t get enough and as the obsession grew our family run business was born! It happened Stand Up Paddle Boarding was always an option. The versatility was incredibly enticing! We could surf out in the line-up or we could paddle in our local harbor. We could cruise the bay with our family or we could paddle long distance out in the open ocean. We could strap our boards on top of our car and check out local lakes or rivers.The options felt limitless because they are with Stand Up Paddle Boarding!
In a 2013 report by Outdoor Foundation's Outdoor Participation Report, Stand Up Paddle Boarding was listed as the outdoor sporting activity with the most first-time participants in the United States that year. Stand Up Paddle Board continues to grow in popularity because it spans all ages and areas! We are passionate about providing excellent quality products with beautiful design at prices that fit your budget. Today we remain a small family owned business. We enjoy getting to know our customers personally-no two are alike! Our number one goal is to provide an easy and honest buying experience. We are here to help grow your love of the sport that is so close to our heart and we invite you to follow along! Happy Paddling!
March 5, 2018
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