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Locking your stand up paddle board  these days have been a more common  task because of how popular the sport has become and the costly price of a paddle board.  A stand up paddle board is an expensive piece of equipment and although they aren't disappearing left and right, having your board locked up will give you that piece of mind knowing when you wake up the next morning or when you run into get that burrito it will still be there.

For simple and easy SUP board locking in the garage, behind the house, in the back of the truck, car, or van, or at the beach, we've been using DocksLocks. Locking a board with DocksLocks is as easy as locking up your bicycle. To lock you board, you simply clip a lock to the little bar in your leash plug, thread a coiled lock through the locking mechanism, and secure it to something.The lock is a numbered combination lock so you don't need to worry about another key. If your board doesn't have a leash plug, you can purchase a fin cleat that is easily installed inside the finbox with a screwdriver. It creates a place for the lock to hold hut the easiest way it thru the leash plug. The Docklocks complete system is $29.95 and comes with one lock and the cable. You can buy additional single lock jaws  to be used with the same locking cable for just $19.95 each. Although it isn't a bulletproof locking system, it'll take some strong tools and cutters to get through it, and if anything, it would probably deter a thief to an easier target. We've seen Surftech using these locks to secure their equipment at demo days and contest. You can order DocksLock here online or at your local surf shop.

July 27, 2012
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