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Summers Hottest SUP Waterproof iPhone Case of the Week

The driSuit Waterproof iPhone Case for SUP Stand Up Paddleboarding is honestly the best one I have seen on the market at a reasonable price of $59.99. This iphone waterproof case is durable for those of you that always are dropping your cell phones and very water resistant. Simply you insert your iphone into the locking case and bam!!! You are now protected.

The driSuit waterproof iphone case offers full use of your iPhone 4 or 4S without risk of water damage or impace while outdoors, whether at the beach, on a ski lift, riding a wave, a bike or simply out in the rain. Use any and all applications below the water surface as you would above the water surface. Including an integrated waterproof headphone jack - no extra pieces to buy, lose, screw in or hang on to. Transform your iPhone in to an underwater camera and video camera and a fully protected iPod to listen to tunes while stand up paddle boarding, wakeboarding, surfing, snorkeling, on the subway or during any activity at all.

To read more about it or interested in purchasing it click here - Iphone Waterproof Case

July 19, 2012
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