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Must Have Spring SUP Essentials

Spring is upon us and Mother Earth feels to be waking up. Nature is transforming. Can you feel it moving you also? The outdoors beckon! Will you heed the call? Stand Up Paddle Boarding is such a lovely way to immerse the senses in what nature has been working on. We think while you are busy taking it all you will see yourself working.
The sun is vital to our health and the natural vitamin D that our body synthesizes when we are paddle boarding outdoors is beneficial in every way to our overall functioning. It helps to support our entire immune system and wards off fatique, depression, cancer, illness, hypertension, osteoporosis, and the list goes on.
If warmer air and water temps are a prerequisite for you to paddle board then this is your season! Summer is right around the corner and Spring is offering up some sunshine that is begging you to get out there for a little stand up paddle boarding!
VESL Paddle Board Line is committed to creating simple and modern collections. The classics are always a good idea and never go out of style. This season we are feeling inspired by vintage colors and textiles that play well off warm wood textures. We’ve rounded up a few Spring goodies that we think has the essentials you’ll need  to get started for the season and all the seasons that follow because good design should be something simple that never tires. Check it out!
April 24, 2018

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