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Versatile 11'0 Touring Paddle Board

The EDGE Crossover Touring package paddle board features a displacement bow that cuts through the water and provides smooth gliding. This board is intended for both leisure paddling or touring and with the displacement nose shape, the board holds straight through the water so you can paddle many strokes before switching sides. When you want to turn, just step back a bit to free up the nose and it turns like a surf style board!

The 11'0 can handle just about anything and is the ultimate in stability from EDGE Paddle Boards. Comfort on the water in a variety of conditions is what you are going to get on this model. It can be used on lakes, rivers, harbors, and ocean paddling or doing Yoga on.  The "DURA-LITE" lightweight, durable construction is easy to handle and the quickblade adjustable paddle is great for everyone to use.

March 3, 2013

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