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  • 8oz Bottle of Blue Goo - Environment Friendly Power Cleaner

8oz Bottle of Blue Goo - Environment Friendly Power Cleaner

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Blue Goo removes the toughest dirt, grime, stains, scuff marks, minor scratches, oxidation and salt build-up. It's deep cleaning action preps the surface for the application of Xtreme Cream high-performance bottom coating.


Blue Goo utilizes Hypexine, another proprietary product developed by Aurora Marine. It is a heavy duty stain buster and oxidation remover that is gentle to the surface. Products with Hypexine are widely used in the marine industry to rid yachts and pleasure craft of stains that cannot be removed by other products. Use for: Surfboards, Outrigger Canoes, Kayaks or any epoxy or poly fiberglass surface.

Applying Blue Goo

1.) Remove old wax build-up by scraper. Residual wax and residue will be removed by the Blue Goo. For best results (on tough spots) use abrasive side of sponge.  2) Shake bottle well of Blue Goo and apply liberally and scrub with damp sponge. Blue Goo will clean the bottom (or whole board) of wax, dirt, salt and prep your board for the Xtreme Cream bottom coating. Blue Goo has a light grit which will clean (but will not damage your board).  3.) Let dry to a haze and buff with a clean soft cloth.  4.) Now you are ready to apply Xtreme Cream High Performance Bottom Coating.

On it Pro, uses only Non-Toxic and Environmentally friendly ingredients to help preserve our planet!
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