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  Bounce SUP 11'4 Tour Super Cruiser Hollow TCT
Bounce SUP Composite Paddle Board, G Paddle Board

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HOLLOW Bounce SUP = Performance and durability for flat water.

The 11'4" Bounce SUP Super Cruiser paddle board is iff you want to cruise easily on the flat water (but aren’t looking to be the next world champion of the SUP race circuit), this is the board for you. The aerodynamic shape cuts effortlessly through the water while the scooped-out deck brings stability by putting the ride lower in the water. Hard rails and a 32″ width ensure that even novice riders can stay dry.

Why Bounce SUP Boards?
They’re Tough!!!

Forget about pretty painted boards that chip when you look at them, ding at the slightest hit, and have foam cores that suck up water. Forget about squishy, flexy products that don’t provide stability or performance. Bounce employs an entirely unique SUP construction that creates the lightweight, stiff board you would expect from a traditional epoxy construction, but with unparalleled impact resistance and durability. The trick, which we call Thermal Composite Technology or TCT, is to thermally infuse plastic into the fiberglass cloth instead of using a traditional more brittle resin such as epoxy. It resists rocks, truck beds, board racks, garages, kids – truly, these boards are tough.

SPECIFICATIONS OF THE 11'4" Bounce SUP Super Cruiser:

11'4 x 32" x 4.5"
210 ltr of volume
Board Weight: 29lb

durable paddle board bounce sup

H-TCT Construction — Hollow Thermal Composite Technology

The next step in the Bounce technology revolution!

*This new step in the Bounce technology evolution uses the same durable skin found in TCT boards, but sandwiches it and leaves the core hollow.

*Like most hollow boards this means H-TCT boards are lighter.

*Because Bounce boards are initially formed in a single hollow shape this means that the H-TCT board has no seams and no leak points.

*The flexibility of Bounce technology means that the H-TCT board is even more durable as the skin can deflect more under impact than a solid SUP.

*With this flexibility the H-TCT board can handle temperature and internal pressure changes much better than a traditional hollow board. It flexes and does not crack!

*And the added buoyancy of the H-TCT board means that the same shape rides higher in the water and can hold more weight.

Bounce SUP™ is the direct brand from Bounce Composites®.

At Bounce Composites®, we design, engineer and manufacture large thermoplastic composite parts. Bounce Composites® was born from an understanding that thermoplastic composites are inherently better than thermoset composites. Let’s look at the facts. Thermoplastic composites are more durable. They have faster manufacturing cycle times. They require less labor and have a process and product with a smaller environmental footprint. What does this mean? It means Bounce Composites® can build better products at competitive prices and we can do it here, in California.

Bounce Composites® found its niche in processing relatively large continuous fiber thermoplastic parts, including hollow and core-filled objects. These hollow products are not built of two halves, but are truly single parts without a seam. We have used this technology along with our past experience selling to retail stores to launch our own stand up paddleboard brand, Bounce SUP™.

We have built thousands of SUPs for our OEM partners, and we will continue to do so. You are buying a great Bounce technology board, whether you prefer their shapes or ours. Bounce Composites is more than just paddleboards. Click over to find out what else we are up to!

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